Eventbrite VP, Global Head of Product and Customer Marketing, Jameelah Calhoun on Establishing Product Marketing

Questions covered in this episode:


2:02  Opening Question (Can you share a time when you failed at something and learned?)

5:02 What is your role like as a VP, Global Head of Product and Customer Marketing at Eventbrite?

10:42 Could you maybe share a little bit about how you go from conception to launch of a product?

17:51 How would you say that for a new product for which you are trying to establish product market fit dippers then adding new features to a new product?

20:30 Do you see that customer insights is the same within the new product or the feature enhancement?

25:38 What does your product marketing team org structure look like? 

29:07 How do you make a 30, 60, 90 day plan to be the most effective with product marketing?

34:52 How do you distinguish different launch tiers?

40:32  Rapid Fire

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