Enabling Veteran Sellers with Competitive Intel

☝️ Prioritize one-to-one connections and individualized deal support

“One-to-one conversations are going to deepen your understanding of what competitive conversations look like and help you create more relevant collateral.”

Start with high-level talk tracks and work your way towards more granular enablement.

It’s the natural progression for sellers and compete pros alike.

You can expedite the progression by getting in the habit of spending 1:1 time with your sellers — especially the veterans.

As Andy puts it, “My approach has been to do the one-to-one work, make sure that sellers understand the value of the work and the assets that the program is building out. It’s a symbiotic relationship.”

On the seller side, knowing that their compete pro can be tagged in for competitive deal support is a big boon for confidence.

Here’s a look at what deal support looks like for Qayam when he needs an assist from Klue’s Competitive Enablement Manager:

First demo involves leveraging the high-level talk tracks laid out by the compete team.

For the second demo, that will involve more granular questions, Brandon gets looped in.

Seller sends a calendar invite to Brandon that includes:

What they like and don’t like about all available solutions

“That way Brandon can walk into the conversation and ask repetitive questions, show that he understands the buyer, and can be very prescriptive about the differentiators that are going to be most valuable.”

Over at ClickUp, Andy’s deal support gets requested through a Salesforce form.

He makes all the important and necessary details required fields.

And can then provide the kind of one-to-one support that veteran sellers crave.

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‍♀️ Build a reputation with veterans sellers through your competitive intel digest

“It’s something our sellers have come to expect every Thursday. It’s something I personally get a lot of value from.”

The number one tip in our 7 Tips for Your Competitive Intelligence Newsletter blog is to set a regular cadence and stick to it.

That’s part of the reason why sellers at Klue love the competitive intel digest.

Every Thursday morning, they know to expect some of the most critical pieces of intel from the week that was.

Naturally, the content matters more than the cadence. And for veteran sellers, the intel digest helps them understand what truly is the most valuable intel of the week.

“As a more experienced seller, it’s not often I’m looking at a battlecard before every call. But if you tell me there’s something new on the battlecard in the newsletter, I’ll go back and look at it.”

competitive intelligence newsletter

Calling out a battlecard or other recently updated collateral helps drive engagement with and adoption of that piece of content.

Veteran sellers already know the basic talk tracks and differentiators.

So use your competitive intelligence newsletter to grab their attention.

Breadcrumb information between battlecards to let your veteran sellers dig deeper

“It’s like a one stop shop of everything that you might need for a competitive play.”

One doc to rule them all.

Andy and Klue believe in the power of breadcrumbing intel via battlecards or other documents.

Breadcrumbing is the concept of leaving one small piece of intel which then links to another, getting progressively deeper and more granular along the way.

“On the top level, you have top three differentiators. But then as you dive deeper into the asset, you get into some of the more technical details about what we have versus what the competitor doesn’t have and why it’s important,” says Andy.

Letting sales reps choose their own adventure lets them can dig as deep or as shallow as they wish.

For initial demo calls and prospecting, high-level differentiators might be enough.

But when it’s time to get in the weeds, reps can get the specific details they need to influence the deal.

An asset like this does require an initial time investment up front.

But Andy says he’s seen a ton of usage from enterprise and strategic reps who need help at the bottom of the funnel.

If your goal is to enable veteran sellers, competitive collateral like this might be exactly what you need.

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