Don’t review messaging internally, message test instead w/ Peep Laja

PMMs should have ownership of the homepage and their #1 priority should be messaging testing it to make sure it resonates with their target audience. This is what Peep Laja, CEO and founder of Wynter believes in. Peep has been an entrepreneur since 2007 and has been telling the same narrative for 3+ years at Wynter: you should test your messaging. As the secret guest of season one, we’re talking about:

→Challenges and strategies to be aware of when managing website messaging

→Why messaging is underestimated in B2B

→How to leverage customer feedback with your messaging

→And of course, are product marketers actually marketers?

If you want to deepen your knowledge of messaging and figure out how to navigate challenging discussions like what should be on the homepage, or how to know if your message resonates with your target audience, prepare yourself for this special episode with Peep!


01:39 The role of product marketing in the B2B landscape
03:14 Why website ownership and conversion rates matter for PMMs
04:42 Challenges and strategies to be aware when managing website messaging
06:52 The evolution and future of message testing
07:22 CEO’s Role as a product Marketer in Startups
09:53 Why messaging is underestimated in B2B
13:05 Message testing and market trends
16:24 Advices for solo PMM on messaging
19:38 How to improve your message clarity and relevance
20:56 How to leverage customer feedback with your messaging
24:29 How Peep is building influence and engaging on LinkedIn
26:43 What makes Spryng different from other B2B events
29:42 The Messaging Torture Chamber
34:19 Where to find Peep and learn more from him

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