Doing More With Less… the Right Way | Katie Berg & Sylvia Rayner

Klue’s VP of Marketing, Katie Berg, and Mental Performance Trainer, Sylvia Rayner (also former Klue), dive into doing more with less, finding the fun in pressure-filled moments, and why perfection can come at the cost of growth.

Key Moments
00:00 – Introduction
02:08 – What do is it mean to be ‘prepared’?
7:45 – Having fun while under pressure
11:20 – How to create efficiency gains
15:45 – Perfection is the enemy of growth
17:55 – Efficiency vs. Effectiveness
21:27 – How do people react to constraints?
23:05 – What does winning as a woman mean?

Host: Jody Geiger
Production: Grayson Ottenbreit
Audio Editor: Michael Panes

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