Palo Alto’s Sr. Director of Competitive Intelligence, Alysse Nockels | CE Show on the Road

Senior Director of Competitive Intelligence at Palo Alto Networks Alysse Nockels joins  Adam McQueen at SCIP IntelliCon 2023 in sunny Scottsdale. Adam and Alysse dish on the most memorable win of her career, how her compete team’s priorities have changed in the last 12 months, and why Alysse says you should never, ever deprioritize tactical support for more longterm strategic thinking.

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Key moments

(00:02) Introduction
(03:32) The biggest misconception of competitive intelligence pros
(04:30) Changing business priorities amid economic uncertainty
(05:58) Alysse’s most memorable million-dollar win
(08:13) Why win-loss helped seal the deal
(10:08) Finding the REAL value in differentiation
(12:54) How to enable a massive sales force
(16:17) Making financials fun (at a Waffle House)
(18:32) Crushing your competitive intelligence newsletter
(19:43) Communicating the value of compete to leadership


Host: Adam McQueen
Producer: Ben Ronald
Post Production: Grayson Ottenbreit
Audio Editor: Michael Panes

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