Author of Obviously Awesome and Sales Pitch, April Dunford on Product Positioning

Questions covered in this episode:
0:42 Opening Question: Can you take us back to a moment in your career or your life where you had to step outside of your comfort zone?
6:42 How does it look like being the CEO and founder of a consulting business?
16:05 Can you please tell us more about your article ‘primer on positioning’ and your book ‘Obviously Awesome’?
25:44 Can you talk a little bit about how that influenced your second book on the sales pitch, which is more about, you know, bringing this to life in the sales pitch?
34:18: What role should AI play in product marketing?
38:05 what do you wish you knew maybe at the beginning of your career that you wish you knew now?
Looking to connect? You can find April here on LinkedIn.

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