Attentive Director of Product Marketing, Candice Sparks on Product Launches & Stakeholder Management

Questions covered in this episode:


1:38 – Opening Question (Can you share a time when you failed at something and what did you learn?)

5:32 – What is your role like as a Director of Product Marketing at Attentive?

10:07 – What has helped you be the most successful when you are that first product marketing hire?

12:37 – What about red flags when you decide not to be the first product marketer for a company that is eager to hire you?

14:16 – What are you doing in the first 90 days to try to make an impact?

17:28 – Who do you hire first?

18:57 – How do you communicate product marketing achievements upwards and build visibility?

22:07 – How do you combat burnout for your team?

25:01 – When coming up with positioning and messaging as part of a go-to-market plan, which key stakeholders should weigh in?

27:04 – Rapid Fire

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