Answering ALL Your AI Questions

The title says it all – we answer your questions about AI and Competitive Intelligence. We ran an AMA all about the biggest trends in AI and Competitive Intelligence in 2024 and we received almost 70 questions… too many to answer in one episode, so we decided to film another episode where we answer your unanswered questions.

Top Takeaways:

1. The main efficiency of AI in CI is the handling of large amounts of data

“AI is really accelerating the speed at which a competitive enablement manager like myself can collect intelligence, analyze intelligence, summarize intelligence, distribute insights… Ai is really powerful at taking lots of data points and summarizing it.”

AI significantly speeds up the analysis and processing of large volumes of data, like reading and providing insights for thousands of competitor reviews across multiple websites, allowing competitive intelligence managers to work more efficiently and providing massive time savings.

2. AI is not just efficient, it has the capability for novel insights

“Those insights that AI pulls from [competitor] reviews… you could almost argue that that’s generating brand new insights that I would not have had before…”

AI has the potential to deliver new insights by processing data in ways humans might not have the capacity to do, providing unique competitive advantages that would not have been discovered otherwise.

3. Market positioning on AI is a thoughtful consideration that should take place at the company level

“[At Klue] We want to be the ones trying those things [AI experiments] out… But if you’re a large organization… it might make more sense to take a follower approach and let some other companies do that experimentation first.”

Companies should thoughtfully consider their approach to adopting AI; they can either lead through innovation, follow and implement proven AI use cases, or wait to purchase and integrate others’ technologies.

Key Moments

00:00 – Introduction

00:47 – What is the best AI platform with the lowest hallucination ratio?

02:11 – How do you balance inputs to get the right output?

03:18 – How can you safely use AI to capture competitive intelligence from disparate sources?

04:52 – How do you ensure data integrity and correctness and differentiate between marketing fluff and real product information?

08:04 – Where do you see AI working with Win-Loss analysis?

10:24 – Where should you NOT use AI in competitive intelligence?

13:04 – How to sell your board on the use of AI?

15:41 – How to distinguish AI hype from AI trends?

17:16 – How does AI help a competitive intelligence specialist be more accurate and insightful?

20:13 – What is the best AI market positioning? Innovator, follower, or user?

Host: Brandon Bedford
Production: Grayson Ottenbreit

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