Overcoming Imposter Syndrome | Amber Deibert

This week, Jody sits down with Amber Deibert to talk about the implications of imposter syndrome, the power of being uncomfortable when trying something new, what reflecting on practice can teach you about feeling like an ‘imposter’, and how to earn confidence through action.

Key moments

00:00 – Introduction

00:49 – Everyone feels imposter syndrome

02:22 – What is imposter syndrome?

05:23 – Amber’s experience with imposter syndrome

08:03 – Why Imposter syndrome IS NOT a syndrome

10:40 – How to identify if you’re feeling imposter syndrome

17:20 – How to overcome imposter syndrome

19:52 – The role of motivation in confidence

22:47 – Motivation should be called ‘discipline’

24:37 – What does it mean to win as a woman?

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