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The Compete Network is your home for the best content, events, and resources on competing. From building your first battlecards to enabling thousands of reps, the Compete Network brings together the biggest names in the competitive enablement community.

Learn from the best in the industry, connect with other competitive professionals, and share your own experiences with the community. It all happens on the Compete Network.

Meet the Founding Members & Community Partners

A community isn’t built alone.

We’re excited to introduce the Founding Members that have brought this vision to life and are passionate about building and elevating the competitive enablement community.

Andrew McCotter-Bicknell

Head of Competitive Intelligence, ClickUp

  • Host, Healthy Competition
  • Creator, The Competitive Playbook


Alex McDonnell

Market Intelligence Lead, Airtable

  • Host, Dance Battle: The Competitive Intelligence Podcast


Clara Smyth

Sr. Product Marketing Manager, Slack

  • Host, Back Office to Boardroom


Crispin Read

Founder of PMMHive

  • Creator, Positioning for Advantage


Devon O’Rourke

Founder & Managing Partner at Fluvio

  • Creator, Embracing Erosion


Emma Stratton

Founder, Punchy

  • Host, Adventures in Messaging
  • Writer, That’s Punchy


Federico Jorge

Founder, Stack Against

  • Co-host, Compared to What?


James Doman-Pipe

Sr.Product Marketing Manager, Remote

  • Writer, Building Momentum
  • Creator, WTF is Go-To-Market?


Jason Oakley

Sr. Director of Product Marketing, Klue

  • Co-host, Compared to What?


Jody Geiger

Revenue Enablement Coach, Klue

  • Host, Winning as Women


Justin Topliff

Senior Manager, Product Marketing, Highspot

  • Host, Competitive Intelligence Summit


Peep Laja

Founder, Wynter

  • Host, How to Win
  • Host, Do You Even Resonate?


Ryan Sorley

CEO, DoubleCheck Research

  • Host of Season 1, Blindspots


Rowan Noranha

Founder, Product Marketing Community

  • Host, The Marchitect
  • Writer, The Marchitect newsletter



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