Are you the chicken or the egg?

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😎 A new show on the Compete Network
πŸ’› Swipe right to win in the dating app market
πŸ•·οΈ When two tech rivals can’t help but spiderman meme
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For any marketing leaders and aspiring product marketers: we’ve got a brand new series on The Compete Network for you.


Introducing The Marchitect, hosted by Rowan Noronha and Morgan Ingram.


Every month, Rowan and Morgan will be joined LIVE with some of the best voices in marketing. And we’ve got three of the best to help kick things off…

Sangram Vajre, Founder at GTM Partners, Trinity Nguyen, VP Marketing at UserGems, and Yi Lin Pei, Founder at Courageous Careers are joining us LIVE.


We’ll be discussing the role and characteristics of the CMO and their Product Marketing leader, the GTM motions that need to be top of mind for modern marketers, and plenty more.


Save your seat here, and bring a question or two with you.

    We had our Power (half) Hour on Friday on all things partnering with sellers. Here’s three of my fav tidbits that came out of it πŸ‘‡

    🌢 We had our first winner of the ‘hottest take’ award. Valerie Bonaldo shared that there is NOT a one-size-fits-all battlecard.


    In fact, it triggered a conversation around why ‘less is more’ when it comes to content creation. One trick to accomplish this? Bucket tertiary competitors by use case and create content that addresses how you differentiate within that field.

    🎀 30 in 30 interviews still work.
    A nod to Tracy Berry, who coined this play.


    The tl;dr – meet with as many revenue team members (from reps to leaders) to understand their wants, needs, and knowledge gaps. It’s the fastest path to building competitive content that will get used.

    πŸ‘Š Get top sellers to put on their coaching hat. 
    Lisa Jabara-May shared that she runs ‘office hours’ where a rep and solutions engineer walks through a recent won deal against a specific competitor. The perfect way to turn theory into practice.


    If you missed it, or wanna keep learning on this topic with others… well good, news.


    We’ve launched our first forum on this! People are already dropping in their questions, takes, and experiences β€” come join in on the action.

      PLUS! Whichever person’s post, comment, or question gets the most engagement this week will win a 30-minute ‘strat chat’ with our very own Compete Whizz, Clara Smyth.

      In the news

      Bumble is flirting with M&A opportunities. The 10 year-old dating app indicated they’re ready to make big moves to drive growth on their Q1 earnings call. Meanwhile, their biggest competitor, Match, has focused on acquisitions (owning both Hinge and Tinder) as a core strategy to increase market share.


      New leadership joining Bumble have spearheaded this approach to look for additional tech and innovation. They also recently revamped their interface to keep up with Hinge’s rapid growth of paying subscribers (31% increase YoY).


      British challenger banks are hopping the pond. Monzo has made no secret about going after legacy banks in Britain. They’ve built a brand on the trusted strategic narrative of discrediting the ‘old way’ of banking, and paired this with unique product offerings like immediate spending notifications and easy peer-to-peer transactions.


      However, after raising another $190 million, they now also have their eyes set on the U.S. After doubling revenue last year, they’re backed by heavy hitters to repeat the playbook to disrupt the American banking market.

      Are you the chicken or the egg?

      Why stand out from the competition, when you can say the exact same thing, I guess…?


      Fun fact, I actually perfectly replicated the 🀷 reaction when seeing Julien’s post.

      … and didn’t feel sick afterwards!


      The Klue product marketing team did an incredible job with our latest launch, Klue Insights. And given the meta-ness of it all, they’ve been knee-deep using the new feature in their product marketing and competitive intel roles.


      Rather than tell you how you can use Klue Insights, they each wanted to show you for themselves πŸ‘‡

      A TON of new roles have been added to our jobs board! Here’s just a few:


      1. Product Marketing Manager at Smarsh here.
      2. Sr. Product Marketing Manager at Validity here.

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