Winning as Women in Sales

Jody Geiger is the host of the Winning as Women Podcast on the Compete Network and the Revenue Enablement Coach at Klue. She joined Adam to talk about how revenue enablement professionals can and should be supporting reps amid a tough economy. Here are two takeaways from their conversation

Labels are actually a good thing

Everything in sales is subjective — except for the results. And even then, learning from lost or won deals requires interpretation.

Categorizing or labelling different sales motions, different groups of competitors, and parts of the sales cycle is one way to start defining collective understanding within that subjectivity.

“Once you have those labels, how you’re setting the tone or you’re framing the pain or whatever, you now have common language for not only enablement, but sales leaders and sellers.”

A common vernacular helps you better analyze a deal cycle and reps’ performance.

And your entire organization becomes more powerful once the entire revenue leadership team, and beyond, adopt the same labels.

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⚖️ Balancing the numbers with the humans ⚖️

A former seller herself, Jody was obsessed with metrics and results. Then she started to develop her coaching skills, which led her to moving in the other direction and focusing on people skills.

Jody strikes the balance between numbers and people by reminding herself of the responsibility she has to both her people and the organization.

“If you believe you’re there to help people get better, you’ve got to find a way to to measure it. I think if you start there and you look at your metrics as a means of tracking overall effectiveness, it feels more value centred for me.”

Looking at people as if they’re number won’t unlock their potential. Neither will making a bunch of enablement efforts and never measuring success.

Taking a holistic view on both the hard metrics and the soft nuances of effectiveness will yield the best results.

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