Using Win Loss Analysis to Improve Revenue Process

This week, Ryan is joined by Jess Iandiorio, Meg Fitzgerald and Ray Grady as they discuss how the C-Suite are using Win-Loss Analysis. From gaining support and including incentives for Sales and Marketing to aligning Win-Loss with business priorities, they share their expertise on running Win-Loss and where it can go wrong.

This episode was taken from the session ‘How the C-Suite is Using Win-Loss Analysis to Improve their Revenue Process’ at Compete Week 2023.

Top Takeaways

1. A strong win-loss program requires buy-in and alignment from the entire executive team, not just the sales team.

“I think it should be led because it’s a multifunctional need, you know, by nature…I’d want to get everybody at the table to ensure that we were looking at it just with the data told us to then have them go off individually in their functions to improve it.” – Ray Grady

2. Regularly sharing win-loss insights and making them relevant and actionable to every person in the organization is crucial for driving change and improvement.

“Establishing some sort of regular readout cadence where people are actually looking forward to it, like they’re looking forward to the feedback reps, are looking forward to that coaching moment…making the insights relevant and actionable to the viewer.” – Meg Fitzgerald

3. A third-party intervention can provide unbiased insights and help align different functions within the organization.

“Should you be able to afford it, a third-party intervention on this topic is super compelling. It helps all of the points land without any bias, which is, I think, how you make better alignment and progress across these functions.” – Jess Iandiorio

Key Moments

00:00 – Introduction

03:36 – What goes into a great Win-Loss program

06:41 – CRM as a Starting Point

09:16 – Changing CRM Fields

13:14 – Aligning Incentives in the Revenue Team

15:50 – A CEO’s Perspective on Win Loss Data Presentation

17:02 – Handling Large Volumes of Deal Data

18:21 – Handling churn data and understanding market perception

19:05 – Advice on Rolling Out a Win Loss Program

21:46 – Avoiding the Pitfall of Unused Win Loss Insights

23:52 – The CEO should lead Win-Loss initiatives

26:19 – Should Product Marketing run Win-Loss?

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