What B2B product marketers can learn from B2C w/ Carlota Güell


PMMs in B2B actually have a lot to learn from their counterparts in B2C, especially outside of North America. A different set of perspectives can help us understand the differences in our ever-changing world and get back to basics. We sat down with our 2nd guest from across the pond, Carlota Güell—host of Product Marketing Stories, the leading product marketing podcast in France, and Senior PMM at Decathlon. Carlota shares her unique perspective on having worked as a PMM in B2B and B2C, the differences between the US and European markets for PMMs, and how she was able to shape her product marketing skillset. We’re covering this and:

→Why B2B might be lagging behind B2C in marketing innovation

→The strategic importance of product marketing in creating impactful customer experiences

→How Carlota balances strategic thinking with execution to drive product success

→The differences between product marketing in the US and Europe


00:00 – Introduction and Host Intros

01:07 – Meet Our Guest: Carlota Guell

03:28 – Are Product Marketers Actually Marketers?

08:18 – B2B vs B2C Marketing Insights

20:36 – The Emotional Buying Pyramid

24:22 – Fun Lightning Round with Carlota

26:43 – Closing Remarks and Where to Find Carlota


Product Marketing Stories podcast

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