The Role of Competitive Enablement in the CMO Portfolio

In this Compete Week session, Carin Van Vuuren and Meagan Eisenberg join Katie Berg – three Marketing leaders from innovative companies share the growing importance of competitive intelligence to their executive teams, as well as where it sits in their organization and how valuable it is for them to use as a lever in their overall Marketing objectives.

Top Takeaways:

1. Competitive Intelligence drives speed and win rates, which in turn creates confidence in your stakeholders.

“The faster we close a deal, the higher our win rates, and the faster we do it, the more productive our reps are.”

2. Adapting your content to different consumption and collection styles will make it more valuable to a variety of stakeholders.

“Intelligence is something not everyone wants to read about in a card… accommodate styles of information gathering and information consumption to what people’s preferences are. You want to watch videos, you want to do different things with it.”

3. Sharing wins (and losses) fosters a culture of compete and provides organizational learning.

“We’ll actually take a win and have the rep that won the deal walk through it… and any losses so we can learn from them.”

Key Moments

00:00 – Introduction

00:55 – Competitive Intelligence’s objectives at Greenhouse Software

02:29 – How Competitive Intelligence can build trust

03:35 – Bridging the gap between marketing and sales with competitive enablement

04:57 – Where does Competitive Intelligence fit in at Lacework?

05:45 – Why Competitive Enablement makes you an expert and how that impacts sales

06:32 – Keeping your intelligence up to date

07:57 – Building a ‘culture of compete’

09:20 – Enabling your CEO and C-Suite with Competitive Intelligence

10:51 – Being close to intelligence to stay relevant

12:02 – What executives miss with competitive strategy

13:29 – The problems with fixating on one competitor

14:15 – Supporting the product roadmap with Competitive Enablement

16:21 – Do CMO’s care about win rates?

18:45 – Which department should own Win-Loss analysis

20:59 – How to enable against churn

22:24 – The structure of a compete team

24:25 – The most effective ways to use Competitive Intelligence in 2024

Host: Adam McQueen
Production: Grayson Ottenbreit

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