The one word most miss in “product marketing” w/ Becky Trevino


B2B product marketers are of two minds. Anna Borbotko (previous guest) described it best as “being marketers that think like salespeople”. Well… we’re not marketers, BUT where does “product” fit in?

It’s a keyword you don’t wanna miss in product marketing.

And, that’s why Becky Trevino is the perfect guest to explain. She’s the Chief Product Officer at Flexera. A former PMM, now leading Product, and who actually *wants* PMM input.

Wow! Don’t pinch yourself, because Becky gives the “real deal” in 41 minutes, covering:


0:00 – The one word most miss in “product marketing” with Becky Trevino

00:16 – Introduction and Hosts Banter

01:08 – Introducing Special Guest Becky Trevino

01:55 – Becky’s Career Journey and Unique Perspective

02:49 – Are Product Marketers Actually Marketers?

05:05 – Defining Product Market Fit

07:44 – Product Marketing Superpowers

10:12 – The Art of Storytelling in Product Marketing

15:31 – Torture Chamber: Tough Choices in Product Strategy

19:08 – Should Product Marketing Live Within Product?

22:38 – Building Strong Relationships with Product Managers

23:09 – Navigating New Challenges in a New Role

24:50 – Leading Commercial Reviews and Gaining Respect

26:03 – Balancing Technical and Marketing Perspectives

27:55 – The Role of AI in Product Marketing

33:33 – Balancing Present Offerings with Future Roadmaps


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