The dark side of product marketing: buyer and sales enablement w/ Anna Borbotko


Sales enablement is the name of the game for B2B product marketers, but it’s also a double-edged sword. We want to make it better, but we’re getting asked for more revenue — with less budget and headcount.  To fight this dark side, we’re joined by Anna Borbotko, buyer and sales enablement lead at Tomtom.  And product marketing Jedi. She wants to make the B2B buying process simpler and better, and she has deep expertise in GTM and positioning. In this 36-minute conversation, we cover:

→ One gruesome process Eric Holland and Marc Benioff can both agree on. It’s a (serial) barcode killer. 77% from a recent Gartner report agreed. 

→ How TomTom pivoted from being 99% B2C to now being 90% B2B

→ Best 7-word reply when sellers ask: “What do PMMs even do?!”

→ Why enterprises are losing 2.3M every year on collaterals that are never used

→ Surprising fix to book more sales meetings from cold outreach. No GPT required. Anna instead made one simple sentence change.

→The role of marketing in buyer enablement →The differences between startups and enterprises for PMMs

→ Less fluff, more substance. What marketers should do better? 

→ The dark side of product marketing? You know it, but Anna’s take will still make you cry.  Anna will tell you everything about how she’s seeing the B2B buying process evolve and what her best tips are to navigate it as someone who manages the whole thing at TomTom Get ready to join the dark side of product marketing


00:20 – Guest Introduction: Anna Borbotko

06:17 – TomTom’s Evolution and Market Strategy

10:25 – Challenges and Strategies in Enterprise Product Marketing

12:48 – Cold Outreach Pilot Program

16:27 – Enterprise vs. Startup Dynamics

18:30 – The Evolution of Software Buying

19:13 – Challenges in the Automotive Industry

19:32 – Simplifying the Buying Process

20:47 – Sales and Buyer Enablement

23:25 – Marketing’s Role in Buyer Enablement

26:15 – The Importance of Effective Collateral

29:44 – The Torture Chamber

33:17 – Anna’s Initiatives and Final Thoughts


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