PMM training: how to stay relevant in product marketing


90% of PMMs today don’t have formal training. It’s one way to stand out and stay relevant — getting trained. If you don’t, copy the 10% and struggle to differentiate. In this episode, we cover our different prior backgrounds and use what we’ve learned to stand out. In this 40-minute convo, we jam on:

→ Harder to find PMM jobs in a tighter market. One story to focus more on for “Oscar-worthy” differentiation

→ How to identify your superpower as a PMM

→ Why “picking a fight” should be your PMM superpower

→ Train on what’s required, right? Wrong! Train on this instead

→ Surprising disagreement Gab and Zach had on data analytics skillset

→ Are you taking a PMA certification? Know this

→ What good product marketers NEVER do when it’s about training.

→ Truth about our podcast. You’re gonna “facepalm” when you know

→ Are you a product marketing consultant? Read Million Dollar Consulting

→ How important are certifications for PMMs

→ How to level up your career with the right certifications

→ Best part about our weekly newsletter you’d die for

Grab a cup of Yerba Mate, our unofficial unsponsored drink of choice, and sit down to learn how to stay relevant in product marketing


00:00 – Introduction and Host Introductions

01:18 – The Importance of Training in Product Marketing

01:54 – Identifying Unique Superpowers

07:18 – The Value of Formal Education and Certifications

16:42 – Applying Knowledge in Real-World Scenarios

19:41 – Leveraging Data Analytics in Product Marketing

26:13 – Continuous Learning and Networking

33:01 – Conclusion and Newsletter Promotion


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