Let’s Show What Competitive Intelligence Can Really Do | Jennifer Roberts, ServiceTitan

Competitive intelligence pro, win-loss evangelist, and proud Minnesotan Jennifer Roberts is Clara’s guest on today’s episode of Back Office to Boardroom.

Jennifer has honed her compete skills for major brands like Expedia, Thomson Reuters and now ServiceTitan. Through win-loss interviews and working in concert with her key stakeholders, Jennifer has learned a ton about how to build and run a successful compete program.

And today, she shares a few of the tricks she has up her sleeve.

About Back Office to Boardroom.

Host Clara Smyth, Sr. Product Marketing Manager at Slack, is joined by the best competitive professionals in the business to share how they got from where they were, to where they are today.

We get into the best decisions they made, those screw-ups they’d like to forget, and the lessons these leaders want to pass on to listeners that are looking to elevate their compete career.

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