Lessons From Scaling a YC-Backed Startup w/ Emir Atli (Co-Founder & Chief Revenue Officer @ HockeyStack)

Emir Atli is the Co-Founder and Chief Revenue Officer at HockeyStack, a GTM analytics platform for B2B companies to analyze, forecast, and optimize their marketing. I joked with Emir that I feel like HockeyStack came out of nowhere but are now a constant presence in my LinkedIn feed.

We dove into the reason for that, as well as Emir’s thoughts on:

  1. What to do when competitors lie about your product
  2. The benefits of going through Y Combinator
  3. When to buy-out your prospect’s contract with a competitor
  4. How they’ll be using their recent seed funding
  5. Why it’s hard to start a Martech business right now
  6. and lots more!

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