BILL Senior Director of Product Marketing, Kelly Kipkalov and Senior Director of Product Management, Tara Wellington on PMM / PM Alignment

Questions covered in this episode:

1:32 Opening Question: Can you take us back to a moment in your career or your life where you had to step outside of your comfort zone?
5:36 What are your roles in Bill?
9:02 Can you tell me a little bit about how you work together?
10:09 Can you actually give an example of a successful collaboration between PM and PMM at Bell? Maybe it’s one of your recent launches that you have had?
15:43 How product marketing can get a seat at the table earlier in product development?
20:28 Have you ever come into organizations on either side, Kelly or Tara, where you felt like that understanding wasn’t had and you had to build it from scratch.
29:29 What are some of the ways that you can work together on potential duplicative work, which happens all the time?
32:32 What are your favorite metrics to report on?
35:54 How should AI play a role in product marketing?
37:59 How do you achieve work life balance?
39:47 What do you think has been the one thing that’s been most important for growing your career?

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