Community Code of Conduct

The Compete Network community is intended for networking, collaboration and sharing best practices as the competitive intelligence industry continues to grow. We need your help to ensure this is a positive space for every member.

Guiding Principles

All event attendees and community members are expected to abide by the following guidelines in all events, communications, and activities that take place on the Compete Network Community platform:

    • Be kind – This is a professional, safe space to learn and share. Be welcoming, encouraging, and treat one another with empathy and respect at all times.


    • Give first – Share resources/guidance/support and be mindful of ‘giving more than you take.’


  • Be curious – No one has all the answers. Ask questions and explore multiple answers. Have an open mind as you learn from others.

Zero Harassment Policy

The Compete Network Community is moderated by members of the Klue team. Our team is dedicated to providing a positive and harassment-free experience for everyone, regardless of age, gender, gender identity, and expression, sexual orientation, disability, personal appearance, body size, ethnicity, race, religion, nationality, or level of experience.

We do not tolerate harassment in any form, nor do we tolerate any behaviour that would lead to another member being made to feel unsafe, insecure, or frightened for their physical or emotional well-being.

How to Report an Incident

If you experience anything that causes concern or would like to report an incident, please contact our Community Manager at Jenn (at) klue (dot) com and we will take immediate action.

Note that members who violate the code will be suspended until we conduct a thorough investigation. Depending on the violation, your profile will be removed and you will be blocked from accessing the community in the future. |